Start of training in Karai, Technical Operator Squad 4

TO Squad 4 2023
TO Squad 4 2023

Technical Operator (Assistant Wireless Sub Inspector), this is a post included in the Technical Department of Gujarat Police.

Wireless PSI and Technical Operator recruited in 2014 followed by direct recruitment in 2022.

Technical Operator Recruitment 2022 for 236 posts in Gujarat. Out of which 201 candidates passed and qualified for training. We appeared on 22 January 2023 at Gujarat Police Training Academy, Karai. Candidates who have come from other districts of Gujarat on 23 January 2023. And our journey started with this training in police department.

Karai is the name of a village located in Gandhinagar district. Our Karai Academy on the banks of the Narmada Canal in the side of the village is a very scenic and beautiful place with 60000 trees. Now our rigorous physical and educational training started in the academy land where nature has filled with beauty and where thousands of police officers have already taken training.

Fallin on the ground at 6 o'clock in the early winter morning with smoke coming out of mouth and head and exercise, parade and squad drill became our routine. Running 5 km once a week was now a sport for us.