The UAE's "Hope Probe" reaches Mars orbit


 The UAE's Hope 'probe reaches Mars orbit

 The UAE's 'Hope' probe (spacecraft) recently successfully orbited Mars.

 The UAE has become the fifth country to launch a spacecraft into Mars orbit after the United States, the Soviet Union, Europe and India.

 - While India has become the second country to reach the orbit of Mars in the first attempt.


 - The space mission will study dust storms in the atmosphere and the weather cycle of Mars etc.

 The spacecraft landed seven months ago.  - How neutral atoms of oxygen and hydrogen leak into space.  Hiscui has three tools to monitor it.

 - 'Hope' spacecraft Mars high-resolution full-disc photo Will take.

- The UAE's Mars mission Hope Probe was launched from Japan today at 6:58 a.m. local time from the Tanegashima Space Center into space.  The United Nations has praised the UAE's mission, saying that the UAE's Mars mission is a contribution to the world.

 - The UAE's Mars mission Hope Probe will be important for future human missions on Mars.  The mission will provide data for research on massive dust storms on Mars and its atmosphere. 

- This first interplanetary mission of the Arab countries will cover a distance of 493.4 million kilometers in seven months to reach the orbit of Mars in February 2021.

- The mission's spacecraft is named Al-Amal, which means hope in Arabic.  It has the latest sensors and cameras to check the atmosphere of Mars, which will check the level of dust and ozone. 

- The level of hydrogen and oxygen on the planet will also be checked.  The Mars mission, scheduled to launch on July 15 from the island of Tanegashi in Japan, has had to be canceled due to bad weather.