Oppo's Wireless Charging: The company's technology will start charging rolling smartphones in the air, find out the special features of the charger

wireless charging

Chinese tech company Oppo has introduced its new wireless charging solution.  The special thing about this technology is that the device starts charging in the air.  This means that charging will start when the device is 10 cm (about 3.9 inches) away from the charger.  However, this technology is for the company's upcoming rollable smartphones.


  • Charging speed up to 7.5 watts will be available

The charger also works on on or off access, the company said.  In which you can charge any smartphone at a time with the help of charging stand or cable.  The company shared a video clip in November 2020 showing a rollable smartphone charging on a pad.  Oppo technology offers charging speeds of up to 7.5 watts.

wireless charging

  •  Mi air charge technology was also introduced

Last month, Xiaomi introduced a brand new charger called Mi Air Charge Technology.  This was able to charge the device present at a distance of a few meters.  Remote charging technology is capable of 5 watts remote charging for a single device.  In addition many devices can be charged at one time.  This device should support 5 watt charging.

  •  Even the wall can't stop charging

 The Air Charge works on remote charging technology, in which the smartphone starts charging in your hand just a few feet away from the charger.  The special thing about this charger is that this technology works even if there is a wall or something else between the chargers.  Motorola has previously been seen charging at a distance of 40 inches in one of its smartphones.